Our Mission

"To make a difference and help dogs & cats achieve healthier and better lives through their eating habits. We simply feel committed to it."

More than 250,000 customers enjoy ESSENTIALS daily across the globe, and we’re forever grateful for each and every one that has made an ESSENTIAL choice and shares our mission, serving by serving, bag by bag.

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Established since 2013, ESSENTIAL FOODS is British born, and salutes the long-established connection between a quintessentially English countryside lifestyle and the superior quality of the local produce. We’re proud that our range of meals is cooked and prepared in Britain, using a selection of ingredients sourced in England, Scotland or Wales. Having ESSENTIALS in your home is like having a piece of the countryside.

Whether your heart and home are filled with dogs or cats (or both…), we have the meals and treats which have been proudly prepared and cooked to make a distinct difference.

Some people assume we’re too much, but we say thriving, joy and happiness should be a daily event around the bowl. With ESSENTIALS they are.

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We exist because we want to improve and extend the lives of dogs and cats.

I am Christian Degner-Elsner, the founder of ESSENTIAL FOODS, and I have a vision for improving and prolonging the lives of dogs and cats, whoever they are, and wherever they may be.

I also have strong convictions about service, quality and, not least, about how we treat all living souls on our planet.

Your dog or cat will welcome the tasty, pure, and healthy ingredients in our foods, and they will thrive on new-found energy and “joie de vivre”.

Kind regards,
Christian Degner-Elsner